Do not underestimate Dysentery experience when our baby. Dysentery attacked the baby which can cause death. Especially when we run out of baby body fluids from prolonged diarrhea. So immediately provide help as early as possible for our baby as dysentery attack.
A few days ago, Arine (my son) has a high heat (up to 39 degrees Celsius) with defecation 3 times every 2 hours. I tried mngatasinya by giving Paracetamol (fever-lowering drugs) and try to give oralit solution of my own. During defecation (diarrhea), the dirt is visible mucus and little red spots like blood. No need to think long and hard, early in the morning I take it to the clinic and handled directly by the child specialist doctor. Then give us the kind of sugar to the mix the bitter tea to drink Arine. Other drugs such as Accompanying Oralit, Paracetamol and anti-diarrhea medicine (this according to the doctor).
I try to browse the files that talk about dysentery, but did not see in my company. Finally online course and ask the experts are mbah Google. Many also are shelling of this dysentery. I browse, read, read, copy and paste and save the form file. And I write the summary results below. Read and refer to it!

If weak sikecil looked back and forth with defecation accompanied a high body temperature and pain every filth and faeces out of blood and mucus, accompanied, if yes then this is a symptom of dysentery. According to S. dr.Hadjat blood and mucus is a symptom of dysentery is most important.

Dysentery syndrome can be caused by any microbe, bacteria or parasites. It could also be due to lactose intolerance. Dysentery syndrome, usually caused by the shigella bacteria and the parasite Entamoeba histolityca, although different bacteria cause the infection but showed a bloody stool and mucus. Dysentery syndrome is one type of acute diarrhea.

Dysentery syndrome can be transmitted through various means and media, this syndrome experienced many days of a toddler, but rarely hit children under one year of age because at this age, parent supervision is very strict.

Complications of Dysentery
dysentery are common complications due to risk factors in children who are not breastfed, poor nutrition status or were suffering from measles. Complications started from Softening of the intestinal wall so that the shigella bacteria can invade far into, the wound occurred didinding intestine becomes more severe because of contaminated bacteria produce toxins that had, thus triggering the occurrence of intestinal perforation or rupture of the intestine characterized by blood mixed with faeces.

The doctor will give antibiotics in accordance with the clinical picture of diarrhea, laboratory tests needed to determine the signs of Resilience and the type of dysentery Germs. However, doctors will usually give antibiotics for 5-7 days.

Providing food for people with dysentery should be soft and do not have a sharp taste, and have high protein as necessary for the healing process, providing drinking water to many highly recommended agartidak dehydration occurs.

Conditions worsen
If the condition of the patient getting weaker, continuous sleep, flatulence, fever not go down, diarrhea is often accompanied by growing a lot of blood immediately take the child to a hospital may have complications, in this case the patient needs further handling, and intensive care in the hospital.

by heru Budiyanto

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